Protect your privacy using our brand new ultra-thin webcam cover slider.

Why do you need a webcam cover?

Is your private life safe, anymore? The answer is no.
Webcam covers help you to protect your privacy by keeping your smartphone's camera or laptop's webcam covered when not in use.
We have heard enough about the spying stories. It is upon us to protect our privacy, simply by covering the camera when not in use and keep the hackers away from our lives. Simply slide to the left to open and slide to the right to close the camera.

Our webcam cover is suitable for laptops, smartphones, ipods, pads, and desktops.

Ultrathin privacy protector webcam cover slider for smartphones and laptops

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Color: Black
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  • Neutral cardboard package (90*140mm) (for free).

    Before fitting the Camera protection cover, you need to clean the device's fit, otherwise, it will reduce the viscosity, resulting in easy falling off the protective cover. After 24 hours in order to enhance the firm, please try to avoid it within 24 hours to protect the camera cover, torn and repeated paste.